WhatsApp for iOS now has a feature for sending photos and videos in original quality

by alex

A similar update for Android is coming

The WhatsApp messenger for the iOS operating system has a new feature that allows you to send photos and videos in original quality, without compression. Let us remind you that this summer the ability to send HD photos and videos became available to all users of the application. And now in WhatsApp version 23.24.73 for iOS you can send a media file in original quality, the function will work for all users within a few weeks.

В WhatsApp для iOS появилась функция отправки фото и видео в оригинальном качестве

In this case, the image or video must be sent as an attached file; its size is limited to 2 GB. When you send such a file, its preview will not be displayed in the chat, but the document can be opened and viewed directly in WhatsApp. It is known that the messenger team is already testing a similar innovation in the version for the Android OS; it will probably also soon be available to all users.

WhatsApp is preparing its own file sharing system - an analogue of AirDrop with the Monobank feature

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