Now YouTube videos can be improved using upscaling. AMD FSR technology will be available in this form soon

by alex

And then in the VLC player

Nvidia DLSS can't do that. AMD will finally release software AFMF frame generator in final driver version

AMD is looking to expand its FSR supersampling technology beyond gaming. In the near future, FSR will be able to increase resolution not only in games, but also for videos. 

Initially it will work with the YouTube platform, and later FSR will be integrated into the popular VLC player. 

The essence of FSR for YouTube is the same as for games. The system upscales the image to a higher resolution. If in games such a solution allows you to reduce the load on the GPU, then in the case of YouTube we are apparently talking primarily about saving traffic. 

Теперь и видео в YouTube можно будет улучшать посредством апскейла. Технология AMD FSR станет доступна в такой форме в ближайшее время

Nvidia also has a similar solution called RTX Video Super Resolution. At the same time, it requires GeForce RTX cards, but FSR, as in the case of games, should work with any video cards.  

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