Vesta's “White Sea” no longer exists. All Lada Vesta NGs that required modifications and were stored on AvtoVAZ premises were sent to dealers

by alex

In the summer, the number of cars requiring modification reached 15 thousand.

The insider public Avtograd News reported that there are no more incomplete cars left on the territory of the enterprise – all of them have been modified and sent to dealers.

«Белого моря» Vesta больше нет. Все Lada Vesta NG, требовавшие доработки и хранившиеся на территории АвтоВАЗа, отправлены дилерам

AvtoVAZ defeated the shortage. There are no Vesta cars left on the territory of the automobile plant without any missing parts, all of them have been worked out and moved to the shipping workshop for shipment to consumers, from 15 thousand to 0 a good result, only a small number of Granta cars remain, but they will also be sent to customers by the end of the year ” , – insiders write.

Earlier, a top manager at AvtoVAZ reported that the company was experiencing difficulties in producing Vesta NG due to American sanctions imposed on AvtoVAZ, Moskvich and Sollers (UAZ manufacturer) on September 14, 2023.

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