Tournament for the game Doom on lawn mowers. This was done in Sweden

by alex

The winner received a lawnmower

The classic Doom game was played on a wide variety of devices, and one might think that running the game on a lawnmower is far from the most original option. But what do you think of the Doom Lawnmower Championship?

Турнир по игре Doom на газонокосилках. Такой провели в Швеции

This is exactly what they brought to Sweden. A small championship took place at the Dreamhack festival, and the initiator of the event was, as you might guess, a company that produces lawn mowers. We are talking about the Husqvarna company, and the game used its new model Auto Mower 430X Nera, equipped with a small 2.8-inch diagonal screen and some kind of platform, which is enough to run Doom on it. At the same time, buttons and a special element on the lawn mower itself were used to control the game.

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Eight people took part in the tournament, the winner received the same lawn mower, which, by the way, costs almost 4,000 euros, and the organizers gave the second and third place winners simpler lawn mowers.

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