It looks like a tiny Macintosh 1, but with a Ryzen APU and a price starting at $150. Ayaneo AM01 presented in retro style

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There are two modifications

A couple of weeks ago, Ayaneo showed off several retro consoles and retro PCs, the design of which was inspired by iconic devices of the past. Now there has been a full announcement of one of the models – AM01 – which in appearance almost copies the original Macintosh 1.

The AM01 is a mini PC measuring just 132 x 132 x 60 mm, making it a very small computer. It is based on either the Ryzen 3 3200U or the Ryzen 7 5700U, that is, the difference in performance will be very large, and the older version will even allow you to play games.

What’s interesting is that despite the size, it can also be a Barebone kit, which means you’ll also have to buy additional RAM and storage. Moreover, there is both a slot for an M.2 SSD and a SATA port for a 2.5-inch drive.

This is a very unusual external battery that looks like a Nintendo game console. Ayaneo Retro Power Bank introduced

Despite the design, the PC does not have a screen. But there is an active cooling system, Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 5 depending on the version, USB 3.2, USB-C 3.1, HDMI ports.

Speaking of prices, the junior version is available in two versions with a price of 200 or 260 dollars – and this is already for a fully finished PC.

The price of the older version starts at $260 for a Barebone kit, and for a finished PC varies from $320 to $460. At the same time, now, as part of a campaign on Indiegogo, a PC can be purchased significantly cheaper.

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