This is because the gaming industry has long since overtaken cinema? Netflix promises 86 games by the end of the year and 90 more are in development

by alex

But there are no big projects yet

The streaming service Netflix decided to get more involved in gaming. The company announced that by the end of this year its service will offer almost 90 games and the same number are in development. 

Netflix started playing games two years ago. She did this slowly, but gradually expanded her portfolio. The service currently includes about 40 projects, including Grand Theft Auto — The Definitive Edition. It is important to note that although these are mostly long-existing games, Netflix also has projects of its own development. Well, or at least created by order of Netflix exclusively for her.  

The company says it will offer 86 games by the end of the year, with another 90 in development. The company spoke in more detail about four of them. 

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This is the life simulator Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, the first mobile 3D fashion game — FashionVerse, a game development studio simulator — Game Dev Tycoon, as well as Sonic Mania Plus — another platformer with a cult character.  

Netflix games are available to all subscribers of the service, while some games are available exclusively in this form. The company is not yet talking about developing any large ambitious projects, but it may well come to this in the near future.  

Recall that the gaming industry has long since significantly surpassed the film industry, so the interest of such a giant of the latter as Netflix in the former is quite logical.

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