The third car with the acclaimed fifth-generation hybrid system from BYD has been presented

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This will be the new Song Plus DM-i

The next car to receive BYD's fifth-generation hybrid system will be the Song Plus DM-i. Last week the new Qin L and Seal 06 were introduced and are the first to receive this system.

The BYD DM-i 5.0 technology is powered by a 1.5-litre engine producing 74kW of power and 126Nm of torque. The new Song Plus DM-i's electrical power comes from the EHS160 motor, which produces up to 160 kW of power. Compared to the current Song Plus DM-i, the engine power is reduced from 81 kW and the torque is 135 Nm, but the electric motor power is increased from 145 kW.

The Song Plus DM-i is selling well, with more than 131,000 units sold in the past six months. Mydrivers reports that the car may be renamed Sea Lion 05 in the future. Sales of the new Song Plus DM-i will begin very soon.

This is the brand new Volkswagen Passat Pro - and it's now longer than 5 meters

Earlier it was reported that the BYD Qin L, priced from $13,750 to $19,300, became a sensation in China due to its price, 2.9 l/100 km consumption and 2,100 km range

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