[Video] Sony has gone crazy/Ghost of Tsushima for nothing/New DOOM/GTA 6 in 2025/Steam Deck Witchcraft

by alex

Let's sum up the results of the past week, remember and comment on everything that the gaming industry has managed to distinguish itself with

  • We don’t know who at Sony is currently making various business decisions, but this person clearly wishes the company nothing but harm
  • Ghost of Tsushima was released on PC, which many players, unable to officially buy, were forced to play for free
  • Starfield finally received a long-awaited update that improved some aspects of the game
  • Hi-Fi RUSH was and remains one of the best Xbox games, but it wasn't enough for Microsoft
  • Announcement the new Assassin's Creed became quite a big event and the epicenter of a major scandal
  • More in the video:

< img src="https://img.youtube.com/vi/smlHuGyUm_w/maxresdefault.jpg" class="processed">

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Image credit: Sucker Punch Productions. Image source: TechRadar

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