[Video] Amazon is ALREADY ruining Tomb Raider

by alex

Time has not been kind to the Tomb Raider series, as adventurer Lara Croft is unrecognizable today

  • Tomb Raider fans who are very familiar with the famous series are now most likely in great sadness, because various figures are not treating Lara Croft in the best way
  • Once upon a time, the adventurer was a young and energetic girl with a spectacular figure. Lara wore exclusively tight-fitting clothes that emphasized her assets, and also took exceptional pleasure in the fact that she often unceremoniously broke into tombs
  • Now the girl has radically changed in appearance and views: Lara is no longer wears shorts, and looks extremely negatively at the idea of ​​plundering tombs
  • More in the video:

< img src="https://img.youtube.com/vi/SAsuNdgveOU/maxresdefault.jpg" class="processed">


Image credit: Eidos Interactive/Everett Collection/Warner Bros. Image source: EW

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