Tesla showed Robotaxi from the inside for the first time

by alex

Announcement expected August 8th

Tesla has published an advertising video that, according to IT Home, shows for the first time the interior of the upcoming Robotaxi self-driving car.

The image shows what appears to be a two-seater car without a steering wheel, which is not similar in layout to current Tesla vehicles. The seats are different from those in most modern cars. They are more like chairs, for example, on trains.

Elon Musk previously confirmed that the presentation of the Tesla self-driving taxi project will take place on August 8th. The billionaire said that one of the reasons for the announcement of Tesla Robotaxi on this day was that it was a favorable date for China. In Chinese, 8 sounds like «wealth» and «prosperity».

A newly modified Tesla Model 3 test car showed up in Palo Alto, California. It lost the traditional side mirrors and also received a new camera system.

“Two witnesses watched in horror as their colleague was attacked by a car.” It became known about a “robot attack on a person” at the Tesla plant

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