Thermaltake introduced The Tower 250 case. It can be installed vertically or horizontally

by alex

Thermaltake presented The Tower 250 case for mini-ITX boards at Computex 2024. It is an evolution of The Tower 200, but is essentially a compressed The Tower 300. Despite the name of the series, this case can also be installed horizontally, but this will require a stand called the Chassis Stand Kit.

The case has a shape with an octagonal cross-section, which is typical for the series. Due to its compactness, it is designed for SFX power supplies. The case is initially equipped with two 120 mm CT120 fans, but in general, it can accommodate a radiator (up to 360 mm) and eight 120 mm fans. There is space at the base of the case to install a block with a screen, but it is sold separately. There are two color options: black and white.

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