The Russian sued four car costs for a broken Kia Sportage

by alex

The dealer will pay him 6.5 million rubles

A resident of Nizhny Novgorod tried to sue 23 million rubles for a defective car, which he purchased for 1.6 million rubles, as reported by the Ni Mash Telegram channel.

In 2019, Vladimir purchased a Kia Sportage crossover for 1.6 million rubles, and a year later the car stopped on the highway: its engine broke down. The dealership repaired the engine under warranty, but later the situation repeated itself.

Vladimir went to court, demanding that not only the cost of the crossover be returned to him, but also more than 20 million rubles on top, probably for inconvenience and moral damage.

Россиянин отсудил четыре стоимости автомобиля за сломанный Kia Sportage

The court was surprised by this request, but sided with the driver – the dealer will pay him 6.5 million.

Ni Mash

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