Mercedes-Benz for infants: All-Terrain, Avantgarde, Performance and AMG GT are new stroller models

by alex

They are created in collaboration with Hartan

Mercedes-Benz and the Mercedes-AMG division present a new collection of strollers developed in collaboration with the German stroller manufacturer Hartan. The new collection includes All-Terrain, Avantgarde, Performance and AMG GT models.

The manufacturer highlights a new innovative material, Vegan Leatherette, which visually and tactilely resembles thin leather, but does not contain animal products.

“This high-tech fiber is extremely durable, highly breathable and impresses with its durability, proven by 100,000 abrasion cycles,” assures Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz claims that the sidecars were developed in close cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz design department and meet the highest standards in terms of choice of materials and workmanship.

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