The number of users of Sber's Kandinsky neural network and GigaChat chat bot has reached 18 million

by alex

A new version of Kandinsky is planned to be launched

The Sberbank team shared good news about the development of proprietary generative neural networks. As the press service reported, the total number of GigaChat and Kandinsky users since the release has reached 18 million.

Sber launched GigаChat in the spring of 2023, and in September it opened access to everyone. Artificial intelligence can solve many problems, for example, maintain a conversation, write texts, generate code and much more. The Kandinsky neural network gives GigaChat the ability to create images. Kandinsky understands queries in more than 100 languages, allowing users to create photorealistic images in a wide variety of styles.

The function of creating unique postcards for the holidays on February 14 and March 8 turned out to be very popular among GigaChat users. In a month, 1.4 million users of «VKontakte» created more than 2 million postcards. In addition, the service processed many requests for writing texts, generating images, and thesis retelling. In just a month, GigaChat «VKontakte» processed about 12 million requests.

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First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Alexander Vedyakhin explained:

We are very pleased that our AI services are becoming more and more popular among users. Sber development teams are actively working to make solutions even better. So, in the very near future we will release a new version of the Kandinsky neural network. It will open up even more opportunities for users to work with images and videos and will be noticeably better in the quality of their generation.

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