The head of Nokia demonstrated the world's first phone call with the effect of “total immersion”

by alex

New technology with 3D sound will be part of the 5G Advanced standard

Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark made the world's first phone call using «immersive audio and video technology». According to the company, the new development improves call quality using three-dimensional sound, making communication more realistic. Lundmark called Stefan Lindström, who heads the direction of digitalization and new technologies in Finland. Interestingly, Nokia's CEO also took part in the first ever 2G cellular call in 1991.

When calling on a mobile phone, the audio is usually monophonic, which means «flat» and less detailed. Thanks to the new technology, spatial sound will appear, creating the impression that the interlocutors are nearby, notes Nokia. For «immersive audio and video» no special equipment required: the technology works using multiple microphones, which are already found in most modern smartphones.

The processor part will not impress with the number of cores, but the iGPU is very strong. New Intel Lunar Lake processor tests have appeared

The first 3D call was made on regular 5G cellular networks. The IVAS (Immersive Voice and Audio Services) codec, which delivers surround sound to smartphones, tablets or computers, is part of the upcoming 5G Advanced standard. Nokia is going to license it and is considering «immersive calling technology» as the future of telephone conversations. Cellular providers, chipset and mobile device manufacturers can implement the development in their products, the company believes.

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