The creators of the Russian electric car “Atom” promise to reduce the cost of compulsory motor insurance and comprehensive insurance for owners

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Atom solutions can significantly reduce the cost of future repairs

The Kama company and the Renaissance Insurance group entered into an agreement on expert cooperation and consulting services in the development of the Atom electric vehicle. As the press service reported, joint work will significantly reduce the cost of compulsory motor liability insurance and comprehensive insurance for future owners of the first Russian electric car.

Создатели российского электромобиля «Атом» обещают снизить стоимость ОСАГО и каско для владельцев

The press service said:

As part of the cooperation, the experience of the insurance company’s engineers is used in minimizing the consequences of an accident for the Atom electric car, as well as the expertise of underwriters in reducing the likelihood of an accident.

During joint meetings, experts from Atom and Renaissance Insurance identified a number of factors that require new solutions. Their elaboration will directly affect the cost of the insurance policy.

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For example, now the body parts of many cars are made from easily crushable materials – this is done to reduce the force of impact in an accident. Therefore, the electric car bumper will be designed from five separate components – this will allow only damaged elements to be replaced if necessary. This solution will allow you to avoid a complete replacement of the bumper, which is now often required for most models even with minor damage.

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