No more “parallel” Chery, Exeed and Jetour in Russia? Chery Group has introduced a ban on unofficial exports of cars from China

by alex

It concerns Russia

According to the Chinese Cars resource, Chery Group has introduced a ban on the unofficial export of cars of three of its brands (Chery, Exeed and Jetour) from China.

Больше никаких «параллельных» Chery, Exeed и Jetour в России? Chery Group ввела запрет на неофициальный экспорт автомобилей из Китая

The resource refers to a notification document from the Exeed brand, which began being sent to dealers in October. It says that Exeed plans to strengthen its position in foreign markets, maintain pricing and the premium status of the brand – in connection with this, a ban on “gray” exports is being introduced. In particular, Exeed dealers are prohibited from exporting new cars (under 6 months old) in used status to foreign markets for demonstration and sale. You also cannot sell cars to companies with an export license.

Exeed will closely monitor sales and export statistics. If a dealer is caught violating the ban, he will pay a hefty fine of $13.8 thousand (100 thousand yuan) for each unofficially exported car. If the seller is repeatedly caught in illegal exports, the dealership contract may be terminated. Chery and Jetour dealers received similar notifications.

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“Chinese cars” believe that this ban primarily concerns Russia. According to rumors, Geely is preparing a similar ban for its Chinese partners.

Despite the fact that buying a “Chinese” car from an official dealer has obvious advantages (just remember the guarantee and the absence of the need to independently search for spare parts in the event of a breakdown), the unofficial import of Chery Group cars into Russia is thriving. For example, back in July it became possible to buy the newest flagship Tiggo 9, and just the other day the Jetour Traveler became available for order, which will officially arrive in Russia only next year.

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