The cost of Dongfeng Fengon iX5 and iX7 crossovers in Russia has been revealed. The first is an analogue of the Geely Tugella, and the second is a substitute for the Nissan Murano

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Dongfeng Fengon iX7 will be sold in Russia exclusively with all-wheel drive

The fact that the Dongfeng Fengon iX5 and iX7 crossovers will soon appear in Russia became known at the end of October, and now the «Klyuchavto» named the prices: for the basic Fengon iX5 they will ask for 3.11 million rubles, the cost of the Fengon iX7 — from 4.08 million rubles. Moreover, sales of new products may begin in the next few days.

Dongfeng Fengon iX5 — This is a coupe-crossover, similar to the Geely Tugella. The length of the car is 4685 mm, wheelbase — 2790 mm. The Russian version will be equipped only with a 1.5-liter 150-horsepower engine. The gearbox will most likely be a variator.

Раскрыта стоимость кроссоверов Dongfeng Fengon iX5 и iX7 в России. Первый является аналогом Geely Tugella, а второй — заменитель Nissan Murano

Dongfeng Fengon iX7 has a classic crossover body shape, length — 4930 mm, wheelbase — 2810 millimeters. This car has a 2-liter engine with 231 hp, a 6-speed automatic transmission. and all-wheel drive.

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