PS5 sales are close to 60 million. Sony shared the success of its gaming division

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Sony shares its latest performance results. The PlayStation 5 sold 59.3 million units, and 4.5 million PS5 bundles were shipped last quarter. During the fiscal year, 20.8 million consoles were sold.

For fiscal 2023, PlayStation generated record revenue of $29.6 billion, up from last year's record of $26.9 billion.

For Last fiscal year, more than 286.4 million games were sold for PS5 and PS4, of which 39.7 million were games from internal studios. By comparison, last quarter Sony reported sales of 72.6 million copies (12.3 million for games from internal studios). There were 118 million monthly active users on PlayStation servers.

Digital distribution is strengthening: gamers predominantly (70%) purchase products from digital stores. In the last quarter, this figure was even higher: 77% of users chose non-physical versions of games.

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