PlayStation 4 has been hacked again. Hacker announced the disclosure of a critical vulnerability

by alex

The last generation console PlayStation 4 came out quite a long time ago, but not all vulnerabilities were discovered. From time to time, hackers find something

Information has appeared that information security researcher TheFlow0 (or Andy Nguyen) was again able to hack the PlayStation. This is not the first time this white hat hacker has dealt with a Sony console.

This time we are talking about a certain vulnerability in the PlayStation 4. TheFlow0 announced the disclosure of a kernel-level exploit, a kind of “premiere” is expected in May 2024 in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The TyphoonCon conference will be held there.

TheFlow0 does not go into details, but noted that this vulnerability uses the IPv6 protocol. It is not entirely clear whether it also affects the new generation console PlayStation 5, or whether the matter is limited to PS4.

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The discovered exploit allows you to hack the console without exploiting a vulnerability in the WebKit engine (which is what hackers usually work through).

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