Nvidia, who needs a video card with 6 GB of memory and a 96-bit bus in 2024? GeForce RTX 3050 6GB entered the market

by alex

Costs about 180 dollars/euro

Nvidia has quietly released the GeForce RTX 3050 6GB video card. There was no official announcement, but the cards are already on sale. 

Nvidia, а кому нужна видеокарта с 6 ГБ памяти и 96-битной шиной в 2024 году? GeForce RTX 3050 6GB вышла на рынок

In Europe, they are asking about 180–190 euros for a new product, that is, the rumors about the recommended price for the USA of 180 dollars are apparently true.  

RTX 3050 6GB differs from the regular version not only in memory capacity. The bus has been cut from 128-bit to 96-bit, which reduces memory bandwidth from 224 to 168 GB/s. The number of CUDA cores was reduced from 2560 to 2304. In addition, the core frequencies were greatly reduced: to 1042 –1470 MHz. 

But in the end, the TDP was reduced to 70 W, thanks to which the card does not require additional power, and manufacturers can release passive versions. 

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There are no performance data yet, but the new modification should be noticeably slower than the regular version. Why Nvidia released such a card is not very clear, but there were rumors that this is how the company is preparing space for the RTX 4050. In this case, the regular RTX 3050 may be removed from sale.  

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