Not only the cover is made of “vegetable leather”, but also 1 TB of memory and USB-C 3.2. Realme reveals more parameters of the flagship GT5 Pro

by alex

Announcement December 7

The Realme GT5 Pro smartphone will receive an unusual design with a choice of “vegetable skin” or “star glass” and a periscope camera module. The latest posters show that he will get a lot of memory this way.

Не только крышка из «растительной кожи», но также 1 ТБ памяти и USB-C 3.2. Realme раскрывает всё больше параметров флагманского GT5 Pro

The amount of memory for the basic version is unknown, but the top version will receive 1 TB. And so that, if necessary, you can quickly fill this volume or download something from your phone to a PC, there will be a USB-C 3.2 port. Not all flagships on the market have the combination of such a large amount of memory and a fast interface.

Let us remind you that the device will also receive Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, as well as a 144-Hz OLED 1.5K screen with a brightness of up to 4500 cd/sq.m.

The cheapest “periscope”, Sony IMX890 at the base and Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 for the younger version. Realme talked about its new low-cost phones

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