Why are these millions of points in AnTuTu if performance drops by half in two minutes? Dimensity 9300 shows monstrous throttling

by alex

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The other day, sales of Vivo X100/X100 Pro smartphones based on SoC Dimensity 9300 started. This platform is unique in that it does not contain small Cortex-A5xx cores at all, but at the same time contains four Cortex-X4. As expected, this causes very high heat.

Зачем эти миллионы баллов в AnTuTu, если за две минуты производительность падает вдвое? Dimensity 9300 показывает чудовищный троттлинг

Despite the fact that Vivo's new products have a vapor chamber to cool the platform, the throttling of the new flagship MediaTek SoC is simply monstrous.

Running the CPU Throttling Test showed that one run is enough for peak performance to drop to 46% of the original, that is, more than double! Yes, the graph shows that this is exactly the peak, and the average performance was at the level of 72% of the original indicator.

Judging by the graph, the clock frequency of one of the cores drops to 0.60 GHz, and the frequency of the remaining cores drops to 1.20-1.50 GHz.

An unknown startup Groq presented, apparently, the best processor for inferring neural network models

Of course, the CPU Throttling Test is specifically designed to create maximum load on the SoC, so you need to look at the behavior of the solution in real-world problems.

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