The Rutube application has disappeared from the App Store catalog

by alex

The service stated that it was solving the issue

The Russian video hosting application Rutube has disappeared from the App Store online store. When you try to follow a direct link, a notification appears that the application is not available in the region. However, it remains in the Google Play catalog of applications for Android smartphones.

The Rutube Telegram channel reports that the application is temporarily blocked in the App Store, but the service team is working to resolve this issue. Deputy Head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Anton Gorelkin believes that this is an «act of censorship».

Back in August 2022, Apple demanded that Rutube hide Russian state media videos in its iOS app or make it accessible only to Russian users. After this, the service made the application in the App Store unavailable to users from countries other than Kazakhstan and Belarus, and then made downloading possible only in Russia.

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