Apple employees most often switch to work at Google, and the most people switch to Apple itself are from Intel

by alex

These are all-time statistics on Linkedin

Analysts at Switch on Business, whose report is cited by 9to5mac, conducted a study and found that employees leaving Apple most often go to work at Google.

The study was conducted based on Linkedin data, and primarily related to Apple.

Сотрудники Apple чаще всего переходят работать в Google, а в саму Apple больше всего людей перешло из Intel

If we talk about where Apple employees most often go when leaving the company, then Google will be in first place. There is no data as a percentage, but we are talking about 3,858 employees, apparently, for the entire time. Of course, you need to understand that the data was taken from Linkedin, so some of the information remained unexplored.

In second place after Google is Amazon with 1,973 employees, that is, the search giant not only ranks first, but is approximately twice as big as its closest competitor.

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If we talk about where people come to Apple from, then the first place will not be Google at all, but Intel with a result of 4,773 people and also a strong lead from the second company. But everything is simple here: in 2019, Apple bought Intel’s cellular modem development business, and at the same time acquired many specialists.

In second place is Microsoft (2,811 people), and Amazon closes the top three (2,245 people). Google is in fourth place with a result of 2126 people.

In addition, the analysis showed that a surprisingly small percentage of Apple employees (5.7%) are former employees of some other IT giants. Google, for comparison, is talking about 25.1%.

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