New Horizon will be released on PS6? Guerrilla Games will appear on next-generation consoles

by alex

New information suggests that Guerrilla Games may release its multiplayer spin-off of the Horizon series exclusively for the PlayStation 6 console.

This is indicated by a job advertisement that appeared quite recently. In it, you can read that the studio is looking for people for the project, which is described as a “next generation multiplayer game.”

Given that the PS5 has been on the market for several years, it seems unlikely , that the “next-gen” mention in the announcement is related to Sony's current console.

If the Horizon spin-off, which many believe to be a multiplayer game, actually bypasses the PS5, this could fit a recent trend in the industry where AAA game development cycles are becoming longer and more complex. And since Guerrilla Games only announced it now, it may still be a few years before the game is released.

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Judging by the information currently circulating online, the PS6 could be released around 2028. Sony recently confirmed this estimate, indicating that the PS5 has entered the “second half” of its life cycle – this happened in early 2024.


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