Yandex may launch serial production of robot couriers by the end of the year

by alex

But only if the price of delivery by robot and human becomes approximately the same

Publishing «Kommersant» writes that Yandex is preparing to begin mass production of delivery robots. The examination has already been done and technically the company is ready for serial launch: there are currently 130 robots in the assembly, they want to produce them by the end of the year. A similar number of robots are already in use. Source «Kommersant» in the industry, it is believed that production of 100 pieces per month will be considered serial when it comes to robot couriers.

Yandex delivery robots are used in some areas of Moscow, Krasnaya Polyana, Innopolis and Murino in the Leningrad Region; more than 300 stores and restaurants participate in the robot delivery program. Yandex courier robots are produced in an engineering center in Moscow. According to estimates from the Digital Transport and Logistics Association, the capacity of Yandex and its contractors makes it possible to assemble about 1 thousand robots within a year.

The Kia Pegas could not replace the Kia Rio for Russians, despite its simple and proven engine, automatic transmission and price below 2 million rubles

Yandex noted that when delivery by robot becomes comparable in price to delivery by a human courier, it makes sense to launch mass production of unmanned delivery vehicles. The company's goal — reach comparable value by the end of this year. Experts believe that demand for robot couriers can be expected from retailers and public catering chains, where speed and the ability to provide delivery even during rush hours are important.

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