Gears creator Cliffie Bleszinski reveals what he wants to see in Gears Of War: E-Day

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Gears of War: E-Day is a throwback to the old days of Gears on Xbox 360. One of the fathers of the series, Cliff Bleszinski, expressed his thoughts on the series in a podcast dedicated to Gears: E-Day.

On the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, Bleszinski was asked about Gears of War: E-Day and what he thought about the new direction of The Coalition franchise. Overall, Cliff is positive and said he'll “definitely take E-Day” when it hits the market.

Here's what Cliff would like to see in the next Gears:

“I want Marcus and Dom to become even closer.”

“I want to look at the war through the eyes of a child. […] It would be really cool to switch to the point of view of a child going through E-Day. All a child can do is throw a rock to distract the locusts, stealth segments, right. The whole cycle of empowerment and loss of that opportunity. I think it could be really, really exciting.”

Bleszinski also noted that the trailer “hints at a deeper melee combat system” than what's typically found in Gears, but he's not yet sure “if that will translate into gameplay.” Overall, the former Gears executive seems happy to see the series return to its roots. This is not surprising, since he said that “Gears needs a little reboot” back in 2023.

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