Dismissals of dissatisfied people and approval of frankly stupid ideas. A Fntastic employee spoke about the development of The Day Before

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Dualshockers journalists managed to speak on condition of anonymity with a now former employee of the Fntastic studio

A former Fntastic employee, on condition of anonymity, told Dualshockers about the development of the failed The Day Before. According to him, the project was never intended to be an MMO.

“I never considered it an MMO. No one on our team understands why the game was called that. The project has always been a third-person shooter with cooperative mechanics. There was not a single role-playing element in it. The skills were at the prototype stage, but nothing more.

No one had an explanation. Perhaps the company's leaders knew something, they just didn't tell us. The game did not implement any RPG mechanics. There was no way to put more people into the game world or expand it. From the very beginning, the idea was that the servers would be less than 100 people – this is not an MMO. No clans, raids or closed hubs. And so it was for more than two years.”.

The Day Before from the very beginning was supposed to be like a mixture of Rust, DayZ and Escape from Tarkov.

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Studio founders Eduard and Aisen Gotovtsev were in complete control of the process work, came up with their ideas and kicked anyone who expressed dissatisfaction from the team. Many elements in the game came and went according to the whims of Eduard and Aisen.

“Many of our team's good ideas were ignored because [Eduard and Aisen ] they were not approved. Like voice chat. Those who complained too much were kicked off the team. A lot of stupid ideas were implemented, deleted, and then implemented again, just because the brothers thought they knew better than us what people wanted. A huge amount of time and labor was wasted because work had to be done and redone.”.

(source cover news: Steam user yyxy)

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