Microsoft warns it's starting to test ads in the Windows 11 Start menu

by alex

For now for members of the Windows Insider Program

Microsoft announced that it is starting to test advertising in the Start menu. Windows 11.  

For now, regular users don't have to worry, since even this testing will only apply to some members of the Windows Insider Program. In addition, we are talking about a feature that will be enabled by default, but it can be disabled. For now. However, most likely, sooner or later advertising in Windows in this form will appear for everyone. 

Microsoft предупреждает, что начинает тестировать рекламу в меню «Пуск» Windows 11

On the other hand, Microsoft has been experimenting with advertising in Windows for about 10 years, and so far, fortunately, it has been doing it as carefully as possible. Especially when compared with some Chinese shells for Android.  

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