Larger than the Lada Vesta and more spacious, but not much more expensive. Honda Crider is sold in Russia for 2.25 million rubles

by alex

For several months, Crider has minimally increased in price in Russia

Honda Crider sedans are not particularly well known in Russia, but they are imported into the country from China in small quantities. Current cost of the car — from 2.25 million rubles, and in January they asked for Crider from 2.2 million rubles.

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Honda Crider turns out to be more expensive than the Lada Vesta with a 122-horsepower engine and a CVT (the Japanese foreign car also has a CVT, and also a 122-horsepower engine, but not naturally aspirated, but a 1-liter turbocharged one), but there is also a difference in dimensions decent: length and wheelbase of the second generation Crider — 4756 and 2730 mm versus 4440 and 2635 mm, respectively.

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Equipped with a Honda Crider for 2.25 million rubles — media system with a large screen, semi-digital instrument panel, leather interior. Hybrid Honda Criders are also sold in Russia, but they are significantly cheaper: 3.6 million rubles for a 2024 car. The hybrid has a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor, the total power of the power plant — 154 hp

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