KamAZ will create a tourist bus

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For traveling around Russia

The head of KamAZ, Sergei Kogogin, said that the company is going to create its own tourist bus, which will definitely be in demand amid the growth of domestic tourism.

КамАЗ создаст туристический автобус

«We have intentions of designing our own tourist bus next year– told by Sergey Kogogin.

In fact, the issue of domestic tourist buses is acute. A year ago, the President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Ilya Umansky spoke about the shortage of buses of this class in the Russian Federation and the difficulties with their maintenance. And in the middle of this year, the Ministry of Economy and Development, together with KamAZ, created a working group for the production of Russian tourist buses.

Of the closest to the tourist class, KamAZ now has an intercity bus NEFAZ-5299-17-52. It is equipped with an in-line 6-cylinder KAMAZ 667.521-250 engine with a power of 245 hp. Gearbox – either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic. It has 44 seats and a maximum capacity – 73 people.

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