Huge discounts announced on Steam: a large-scale sale has started

by alex

The dates for the winter sale have also been announced.

The digital distribution service for computer games, Steam, has launched its annual fall sale, during which thousands of games and pieces of additional content are offered at huge discounts.

Are you ready for a whole week of tens of thousands of discounts? The Steam Autumn Sale has begun! Find games of various genres and buy them with discounts until 21:00 November 28 Moscow time. And don’t forget to buy a couple of gifts for your favorite friends and family for the holidays! You can please your loved ones not only with games, but also with digital gift cards.

В Steam объявлены огромные скидки: стартовала масштабная распродажа

Voting is also opening for the Steam Awards in eleven different categories, including an updated category for great games on the Steam Deck handheld:

  • Game of the Year;
  • Virtual Reality Game of the Year;
  • Beloved child;
  • NEW: Best Game on Steam Deck;
  • A friend is known in the game;
  • The most innovative gameplay;
  • The best game with an outstanding story;
  • The best game you can't play (no offense);
  • Outstanding visual style;
  • Best Soundtrack;
  • Make yourself comfortable.
New “disease” of Lada Vesta NG: “wipers” live their own lives

Voting earns a badge: “Nominate at least one game, nominate a game in each category, play the game you nominated, and write (or update) a review of the game. Once you complete all the steps, you will receive 100 profile points.”

The winter sale will be held from 21:00 on December 21 to 21:00 on January 4, Moscow time.

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