When purchasing some cars imported even before April 1, 2024, you may be subject to additional payment of a “giant scrap tax”

by alex

If they were imported, but did not have time to clear customs and receive an EPTS

A number of Russians may face the need to pay additional fees even for cars imported before April 1, 2024, as described by a parallel import specialist and author of the blog «The Fox Rules» Elena Lisovskaya.

We are talking about cars that were imported into Russia before April 1, but did not have time to clear customs and receive an EPTS. Carriers and experts on parallel imports surveyed by Autonews.ru confirmed that in order to receive an EPTS after April 1, 2024, you will have to pay an additional recycling fee.

Elena Lisovskaya noted that if the car is completely cleared through customs, the buyer will pay only the price specified by the seller. In another option: «To fully register the car, you need to pay the recycling fee in full and go through a laboratory. Then the EPTS changes its status to completed. If the carrier did not have time to do this, then for all vehicles that do not have a completed EPTS, you will need to pay an additional giant recycling fee.

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«In order not to discover additional «junk», you have to be a completely naive person. When buying any car, you need to check the documents. The main thing — Please note that the EPTS is in completed status. So, before April 1, all sellers tried to hastily prepare documents for imported cars — just to avoid increased fees and pay only one “junk”, and not two. There were hopes that it would still be possible to take advantage of more favorable conditions in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan, but it quickly became clear that this was not the case», — Lisovskaya added.

Some carriers tried to complete the registration “remotely”: “They took photographs for testing laboratories, which must be passed. And it turned out that while the car was traveling on a car transporter from Kyrgyzstan to Russia, it had already, as it were, passed through a “laboratory”, although this was not done. But these are risky gray schemes. I know the ways to check this, and then cancel the EPTS — the least of the problems that can await the owners of such cars».

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