Will Lada Iskra be the first Lada that is not at risk of component shortages? AvtoVAZ will independently produce bumpers, instrument panels and other plastic parts for this model

by alex

The plant has already received molds for the production of parts for the Iskra project

Despite the fact that the production of Lada Iskra has been postponed from 2024 to 2025, the Volzhsky Automobile Plant is systematically working on this project. Thus, as the public Avtograd News reports, VAZ has already received molds for the Iskra project, with the help of which it will independently produce various plastic components.

Lada Iskra станет первой «Ладой», которой не грозит дефицит компонентов? АвтоВАЗ будет самостоятельно выпускать бамперы, панель приборов и другие детали из пластика для этой модели

VAZ Plastic Products Production (PPI) has received molds for the Iskra project, manufactured in a friendly eastern state. The car plant will produce bumpers, instrument panels, door cards and other plastic components necessary for the production of the new model ,” insiders said.

Lada Iskra, let us remind you, is another compact B-class car. In the future, Granta will become history, and the much more modern Iskra will completely replace it.

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