In Russia, the quality of UAZ cars is being improved. The cars will receive improved bridges

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It is also planned to introduce a kaizen system

UAZ has launched a program to modernize its mechanical assembly production, which is aimed at improving axles for UAZ SUVs. To begin with, we optimized the assembly process in a section called “Gallery”, analyzed the problems and began work on improvements.

Based on the results of the inspection, it was decided to remove unused equipment, update lighting and improve ventilation. Employees cleaned work areas, washed windows and made cosmetic repairs to the premises. The brake sub-assembly area was moved closer to the “Gallery”.

These changes resulted in a significant reduction in bridge assembly time by 31%, an increase in shift output by 12%, and a 62% reduction in work in progress on site. However, this is only the first stage of updating mechanical assembly production.

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The next stage of the project includes improving in-plant logistics, introducing a kaizen* system and extensive technical re-equipment. This means that drive axles for UAZ vehicles will be produced using new equipment according to modern quality standards.

Although the exact timing of the second stage is still unknown, the plant previously announced the modernization of the Patriot, Pickup and Pro models. In these cars, special dampers were installed on the transmission control levers, reducing vibrations and increasing the degree of acoustic comfort for passengers.

* Kaizen is one of the key management concepts, which is based on the continuous improvement of all production processes.

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