Russian schools plan to ban the use of phones even for educational purposes

by alex

“Just like parents, we don’t want kids to be distracted by cell phones in class.”

The State Duma decided to amend the bill to restrict telephones in schools, prohibiting their use even for educational purposes.

“It was decided to remove the exception on the use of gadgets even for educational purposes; it will be possible only in emergency cases. Let's make this amendment. Our position coincides with the parents’, but since they were confused by the wording, we decided to change it. Because we have the same goal. Just like parents, we don’t want children to be distracted by mobile phones during lessons,” RIA Novosti’s own source provided this information.

В школах России планируют запретить использование телефонов даже в образовательных целях

Earlier, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill banning the use of telephones in schools, except for educational purposes and in emergency cases involving a danger to life or health.

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