In 2024, the production of UEC-Saturn aircraft engines will receive 200 new machines

by alex

30 pieces of equipment, including a unique Russian installation for laser cutting and welding of engine parts, are already in operation

United Engine Corporation (UEC) will commission UEC-Saturn at the Rybinsk plant in 2024. more than 200 new machines. This company, for example, is developing the latest Russian PD-8 engine for the SJ-100 aircraft and mass-producing the first domestic high-power gas turbine GTD-110M.

Since the beginning of the year in the workshops of «ODK-Saturn» We have already installed more than 30 pieces of equipment, including high-tech equipment. For example, a unique Russian installation for laser cutting and welding of aircraft engine parts began operation. The complex is completely domestic and is produced at an enterprise in Zelenograd, at «ODK-Saturn» it will be used for machining of rotor blades and nozzle blades of aircraft engines. The installation will significantly reduce the production cycle of parts: it will perform several operations at once that were previously performed on different machines. 

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According to Rostec, new workshops are being commissioned for the production of domestic aircraft engines, and existing facilities are being modernized. Thus, the Rybinsk enterprise «ODK-Saturn» this year will put into operation 200 units of new equipment, in addition, a completely new workshop with a turning and milling machine park will soon open. New equipment, including numerically controlled lathes, will be used in the production of housings and rotating parts.

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