In 2024, new BMW and Volkswagen will arrive in Russia. The dealer told us what kind of models they would be

by alex

Avilon is not going to curtail parallel imports, since there is a demand for such cars

Ilya Petrov, director of retail sales of the dealer holding «Avilon Ilya Petrov, told what new Volkswagen and BMW cars will appear in Russia next year.

«During 2024 we expect many new products. For example, the Volkswagen brand plans to deliver Tiguan X, Passat and Tharu. And for BMW we expect updated BMW 4 Series Coupe and Cabrio, as well as BMW M4 Coupe and Cabrio», — told by Ilya Petrov.

In fact, Volkswagen Tiguan X, Passat and Tharu are not new for Russia, they are already imported through parallel imports, but in this case we are talking about cars of the 2024 model year, which received modified configurations and equipment .

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