The brand new Toyota Camry will not “nod off” when braking

by alex

New brake force distribution technology will be available in all versions of the ninth generation Camry

Interesting details about the new Toyota Camry: it turns out that it has a function that is designed to eliminate “dive” when braking and make the ride even more comfortable.

Совершенно новая Toyota Camry не будет «клевать» носом при торможениях

The fact that such technology was implemented in the car became known during the demonstration of the car at the Guchangzhou Motor Show: visitors to the stand noticed a function in the infotainment system of the car. However, the description indicated that this was a test function, and many thought that it would be offered for a fee.

Now the GAC Toyota joint venture has released a statement saying that the anti-dive feature will not be a paid feature – and it will be available on all trim levels. As for the mechanism, it is quite simple: the car will not “peck” due to the redistribution of braking forces between the wheels of two axles. Conventionally, when braking heavily, the rear wheels will turn on earlier and brake harder than usual.

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