Helldivers 2 received an update that fixed some bugs. But only on PC

by alex

The developers promise to release the update on the PlayStation 5 console by the end of this week. Dates are still unknown

Arrowhead Game Studios has released update 1.000.005 for the PC version of Helldivers 2, designed to fix some bugs that have been bothering players since the release of the co-op shooter.

  • Increased server capacity and fixed access bug
  • The overall authentication process has become much faster and easier
  • Error messages have become more visible
  • Fixed a bug with rewards for completing missions
  • Fixed a bug with daily rewards
  • Fixed errors that could occur with future rewards

The developers also promised organize a special event to somehow compensate players for lost rewards.

Update 1.000.005 is currently only available on PC.

(news cover source: PlayStation PC LLC)

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