The main competitor of KamAZ K5 has entered the Russian market. Sales of the Valdai 45 tractor have started: it has a cab like a Mercedes-Benz Actros, a Cummins engine and a ZF TraXon transmission

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Valdai 45 received a 470-horsepower engine

According to, sales of the Valdai 45 tractor have started in Russia. In terms of its characteristics, it is close to the KamAZ K5 mainline tractor, but the price is even lower — 9.6 million rubles versus approximately 10.5 million rubles for KamAZ-54901.

Manufacturer «Valdai 45» — the Nizhny Novgorod Trucks company, which leases space from GAZ and has permission to use the Valdai brand. But in reality «Valdai 45» — this is Foton EST1846 (aka Foton Auman EST A).

«Valdai 45» received a Cummins ISG12 turbodiesel engine with a power of 470 hp, an automated ZF TraXon gearbox and a cabin like a Mercedes-Benz Actros with an internal height of 190 cm (the driver can stand at full height). The rear suspension of the tractor is pneumatic, all disc brakes. At the moment «Valdai 45» They are produced using the large-unit method, but there are plans to switch to full-cycle production, as well as to a Russian component base.

5.2 meters long, 228 hp, 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Dongfeng Palaso will come to Russia - this is the “Chinese Nissan Navara”

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