No longer the people's car? Russians are losing interest in Ladas

by alex

AvtoVAZ expected to sell 37.5 thousand cars in November, but will sell less

AvtoVAZ is recording a decrease in demand for Lada cars, the head of the company, Maxim Sokolov, said. But at the same time, he noted that the plant will not reduce production volumes.

We see a decrease in demand, and this figure [sales of 37.5 thousand cars in November] will be adjusted. Forecast: 35–36 thousand Lada cars will be sold this month. But our production plans do not suffer from this, because the conveyor, as I already said, is operating at full capacity ,” noted Maxim Sokolov.

We will find out soon how much AvtoVAZ actually sold in November of this year: official sales statistics for the 11th month of this year will be published one of these days. But the fading interest in Lada is being recorded not only at VAZ: as Autostat analysts reported, in the 47th week of 2023, sales of the Haval Jolion for the first time exceeded sales of the Lada Granta sedan.

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