Avtotor began assembling flagship crossovers Kaiyi X7

by alex

This is one of the largest passenger cars produced at the plant

At the Kaliningrad automobile plant «Avtotor» The production of the Kaiyi X7 Kunlun mid-size crossover has started, the company’s official Telegram channel reports, the first cars have already rolled off the assembly line. Kaiyi X7 — This is one of the largest passenger cars currently produced at Avtotor: the crossover wheelbase is 2800 mm. The length of the new model — 4710 mm, width — 1964 mm, and height — 1705 mm.

«Автотор» начал сборку флагманских кроссоверов Kaiyi Х7

Kaiyi X7 crossovers are available in two versions: with 1.6-liter turbocharged engines producing 186 hp. and with a volume of 2 liters and a power of 238 hp. The cars are equipped with a 7-speed robotic transmission. According to the company, at the initial stage, industrial production of Kaiyi products at the plant is carried out on the basis of a welded and painted body, but in the future it is planned to switch to a full production cycle. The agreement with Kaiyi Auto provides for the use of local components with a gradual increase in the level of localization, plans have been developed for the localization of each model of the brand.

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«Автотор» начал сборку флагманских кроссоверов Kaiyi Х7

In «Avtotor» They also noted that in preparation for the launch of Kaiyi X7 production, the production line was retrofitted, specialized equipment was developed and manufactured, and additional equipment was installed on the conveyor. Since the car is equipped with a large number of digital services and electronic driver assistance systems, to configure and calibrate them, comprehensive work was carried out to reconfigure and modernize the control and measuring equipment. Previously, we wrote that all configurations and prices of the Kaiyi X7 should be revealed on December 13.

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