Right off the bat. AvtoVAZ is rapidly increasing production of Lada Granta Cross

by alex

Cars are being produced on Saturday

For some time AvtoVAZ did not produce the Lada Granta Cross, but a couple of days ago the cars began to roll off the assembly line. As it turned out, this model is collected not only on weekdays: according to the Avtograd News public page, a considerable amount of Granta Cross was collected on Saturday.

«On working Saturday, June 8, 625 Granta cars were produced per 12 hour shift, many station wagons [Granta Cross] in various colors, cars of the Niva family about 230 Legend and 200 Travel. As a result, customers will receive more than 1 thousand additional cars just for today, Vesta production did not work», — insiders said.

Earlier, Avtograd News published photos of the Lada Granta in the new luxury configuration — with climate control, four electric windows, fog lights. The launch of such machines into mass production is expected in the summer.

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