Sales of electric Moskvich vehicles did not live up to expectations

by alex

By the end of 2023, it is planned to sell more than 2 thousand of these cars

The head of KamAZ Sergei Kogogin (KAMAZ, we recall, is a technological partner of the Moscow Automobile Plant, formerly owned by Renault) admitted that sales of the electric «Moskvich 3e» did not live up to expectations.

«If we say whether I am satisfied with the sales result: well, let’s say, probably, our expectations were higher. The main problem is that we only became eligible for a subsidy for electric vehicles in the fourth quarter. Before this, we had not signed a SPIC, and everything was delayed. But nevertheless, in any case, we will sell more than 2 thousand electric cars “Moskvich 3e” this year», — said Sergei Kogogin, quoted by TASS.

Representatives of «Moskvich» said that since the start of sales, more than 13 thousand Moskvich cars have been sold, of which electric vehicles — about 1.4 thousand. That is, during the remaining days of December, at least 600 Moskvich 3e should be sold, and this is a serious task, given that the car is not particularly in demand.

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Earlier, Sergei Kogogin reported that next year the production of KamAZ trucks of the latest generation K5 will be tripled (relative to 2023). He also said that work on the electric car «Atom» are going according to schedule — production will begin in 2025. Let us remind you that yesterday «Atom» showed an updated version of the electric car steering wheel design.

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