Haval does not rust? The Haval quality control department dismantled a three-year-old Russian-made Haval F7, which took a lot of salt

by alex

And not a single source of corrosion on the body

The Haval brand tested the stability of a Russian-made car for resistance to corrosion. The brand's quality department bought a Haval F7 on the secondary market, which ran 110 thousand km on the roads of the Moscow region.

Despite the intensive use and considerable amount of salt that the F7 saw in winter, experts did not find a single source of corrosion on the body. Even in closed cavities everything is clean.

But corrosion checks are not limited to this: engineers are now testing the Haval Dargo in a special salt chamber. Over 36 cycles (imitation of a 5-year service life), the crossover body never “bloomed.”

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