Production of the first Lada Iskra on the assembly line will begin in July; the new product will be assembled on the same line as the Lada Granta

by alex

The start date for production and serial Lada Iskra has been announced

A few days ago, the head of AvtoVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, announced the imminent premiere of the Lada Iskra, and now the insider public Avtograd News has revealed details about the production processes. According to insiders, a trial assembly of Iskra on the assembly line is scheduled for July.

«Assembly of the first test Lada Iskra cars in a conveyor manner, in test mode, is planned for July of this year, the model will be tested on the Granta line. A batch of 25 cars, which were mentioned by the president of JSC „AvtoVAZ“ Maxim Sokolov in his recent interview, was assembled in the STC building using a slipway method, manually. Serial production according to the plan should begin during the fourth week of 2025, unless any force majeure circumstances occur», — insiders reported.

Blue Origin is back in the game and has delivered passengers into space for the first time in 2 years (spoiler: one of the parachutes did not open)

Recall that this week high-quality images of the Lada Iskra station wagon appeared. But the car will also have a cross version and a regular four-door version— sedan.

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