Google is back to its old ways and sending a popular product to the graveyard. The Podcasts app has been downloaded more than 500 million times.

by alex

Today is the last day of Google Podcasts

Google is officially shutting down the Google Podcasts app as of April 2nd. The Podcasts app, which is in its last day of operation today, has been popular, with more than 500 million downloads worldwide.

Google encourages listeners to head to YouTube Music to listen to their podcasts. According to Google, this should create a «better place» for listeners and content creators. YouTube Music offers YouTube-centric features related to community, discovery, and the ability to seamlessly switch between audio and video content.

Google has provided instructions on how to seamlessly migrate your subscriptions to YouTube Music:

  • Export from Google Podcasts: Open the «Podcasts» and click “Export subscriptions” and then “Export” in the “Export to YouTube Music” section;
  • Import to YouTube Music: Open the YouTube Music application, select «Move», «Continue» and «Go to library» after the transfer is completed.
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