FAS recognized the Yandex Taxi service as dominant in Russia

by alex

Abuse of a dominant position is a reason for inspection and action by antimonopoly authorities

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) has established that the Yandex Taxi service occupies a dominant position in Russia. The press service of the department reported this.

ФАС признала сервис «Яндекс Такси» доминирующим в России

The department specified:

FAS Russia, based on the results of a market analysis, established that Yandex Taxi occupies a dominant position in the Russian Federation and the vast majority of regions of the country.

According to the press service, cases of abuse of a dominant position are a reason for “conducting an analysis of the economic feasibility of the increase and taking antimonopoly response measures.” However, the FAS clarified that currently possible response measures are limited.

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